We are going to see how to use the Facebook feature to integrate your Facebook fan page into your app with the design of your app, and with likes and comments enables from your app.

First you have to add a Facebook page in your app by clicking  from “Add pages” to add it in the carrousel of your pages.

Then just enter the ID of your Facebook Fan Page in the appropriate field, for example for our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tigerappcreator, it will be “tigerappcreator”:

Then press “ok” to import your Facebook Fan Page.

Here is the result:

Now there is a next step to enable comments and likes in this page, to obtain this when the user click on a post:

For that, you will have to follow the Facebook integration tutorial:
How to Integrate FB interactions in your apps

After having done the Facebook integration step, your Facebook Fan Page will be full operational within your app.

You can integrate your Facebook Fan page without doing the Facebook integration step, but users won’t be able to like or comment from your app.

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