With this feature, you will be able to create a list of job offers. 1. To use “Job” click on  in the “Add pages” part. This appears: In “General” you can manage general settings for the Job feature: – Display search: display the search bar on the main page of the feature – Display position Read more about Job[…]


This feature enables you to offer a weather widget in your app to display the forecasts for a particular city or to the users find the ones for their locations. You just have to choose a country and a city, then save. This how it looks like in your app:


1. Create an adwords account To login to AdMob you need an Adwords Google account. Create one first at http://adwords.google.com   2. Login to AdMob at https://www.google.com/ads/admob/ And create your account after choosing your Adwords account   3. Create your ad – click on “Monetize a new app” – Select an app: If you have an app Read more about Admob[…]