With this feature, you will be able to create a list of job offers. 1. To use “Job” click on  in the “Add pages” part. This appears: In “General” you can manage general settings for the Job feature: – Display search: display the search bar on the main page of the feature – Display position Read more about Job[…]


This feature enables you to offer a weather widget in your app to display the forecasts for a particular city or to the users find the ones for their locations. You just have to choose a country and a city, then save. This how it looks like in your app:


1. Create an adwords account To login to AdMob you need an Adwords Google account. Create one first at   2. Login to AdMob at And create your account after choosing your Adwords account   3. Create your ad – click on “Monetize a new app” – Select an app: If you have an app Read more about Admob[…]