February 26, 2020

Founder’s Story

Our Founder's Story Behind Penguin Apps Builder

Our Founder’s Story Behind Penguin Apps Builder


A Malaysian launches DIY app building platform, with packages costing as low as RM160 monthly.

Sitting in a quiet café with his Macbook, our founder does not look like a techie. It comes as no surprise then, that when he speaks about the Penguin Apps Builder, he doesn’t use jargon at all.

For him, the main reason behind his DIY app building platform, are people. Specifically, the small and micro business owners who, in his own words, “Have worked hard at their services or products for years but are now seeing a dip in income as the world has moved to mobile phones.”

He said simply, “I just don’t want them to die out just because they can’t penetrate the mobile application world”.

So, what is Penguin Apps Builder?

Essentially, it is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create your very own mobile phone app, just by selecting pre-created functions and services that you like.

Want customers to purchase your product? Then just click on the ‘Catalog’ function to your main screen.

Want to showcase all your products for your customers to choose from? Easy, use the ‘Set Meal’ function.

If you are a café owner, the ‘Booking’ function is a must-have.

The ‘Loyalty Card’ button is also popular, where customers can collect points or stamps to be redeemed.

The best part is, there is no need for any coding knowledge at all.

The backend work is managed by our team of technical experts who ensure that the features you add or remove, are immediately reflected on your mobile app.

Creating a customised app from scratch can cost you tens of thousands of Ringgit.

How much does it cost to create a ready-made app using Penguin Apps Builder?

The basic Gold subscription, is RM160 monthly and covers a solid range of features from a custom design, ability to link to your social media handles, unlimited updates, payment options supported by PayPal and tech support.

The Platinum annual subscription costs RM2,800 – still a fraction of the price compared to the RM30,000 it takes to custom design an app.

The Platinum package is ideal for businesses who are taking a more aggressive approach as it allows for push notification. This means, you can send your customers notifications about special promotions or reminders about your business.

Customers also enjoy a three-months free trial where they can design their app using just their laptop and Penguin Apps Builder. They will only be charged once they are satisfied and decide to publish their app on any App Store.

Having graduated with a degree in computing, technology has always been a passion for our founder. 

After working in the private sector for several years, he started his own consulting business and now has his own company MyOneSen Ventures which owns Penguin Apps Builder.

His background in the private sector gave him the understanding that, for anything to succeed, it has to be backed by solid research and development.

It took him two years of R&D to set up his apps building platform that is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Currently, Penguin Apps Builder is used by entrepreneurs and business owners from Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

From hotels to a booming eco-farm stay, from restaurants to products, Penguin Apps Builder has been successfully used for a wide range of businesses.

Now that the platform is well established, what’s next?

According to our founder, there are continuous enhancements being done to the platform. This ensures that the apps created are always compatible with the latest iOS and Android mobile operating system. New features are also being added.

On top of that, advocacy is additional initiative for our founder.

“I’m from small-town Malacca. So I personally know many small and micro business owners. Now, I’m focused on having face-to-face sessions where I show them how to use mobile apps for their business.”

Create your own mobile app for your business. Try out the free three months trial of Penguin Apps Builder at www.penguinapps.biz.