How Much Does It Cost To Make An App And How Long Does It Take?

You want a mobile application to be built for your business but you’re afraid of the cost it will have? You’ve heard that it takes several months for developers to make an app, haven’t you? Forget all of these claims, these are all just prejudices.

Is there any other solution than outsourcing the development of my app?

Of course, if you want to outsource the development of your app it can quickly get really expensive. Indeed, an app development agency will have to start from scratch to build your app, so it will obviously take time. And with the hourly rate most companies charge for this service, you can end up with a stiff bill.

Indeed, creating an app from scratch takes a lot of time. We are used to say in the industry that app development can take from 12 to 20 weeks, with a price range from $5,000 to $50,0000, depending on the complexity of the app. Well, your app may be much simpler than some apps you can find on the stores, but it will nevertheless require a high budget.

Furthermore, if you want an app for several platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc, it will take even longer to develop and thus more expensive…

So you may rightfully wonder what are your other options to develop an application for your business. That’s when app makers come in handy. Why should you hire someone to build an app for you, when you can do it by yourself quickly and at a much lower price? You’re an entrepreneur after all, so that’s the spirit!

Now, you might be wondering how you are supposed to build an app on your own, while you have no development skills at all… But don’t worry, that’s the thing with app makers, even a 6 year old child can create a mobile application with these tools! They are developed in such way so that you don’t need any technical expertise to achieve what you want.

How do app makers work

But how do app makers work? Most of the time, it’s a drag and drop system where you select the feature you want to add to your application, and then just fill in with your content. For example, if you want to add contact information, just add a contact feature and then fill in with your address, phone number, website, or any other information you would like to be displayed on this page. The software will do the rest and build the page on its own.

Another great point for app makers is that they are cross-platform, meaning that you create an app once and it will automatically create a native application for several OS. Most of the time it “only” creates native apps for Android and iOS, but keep in mind that they represent 99,6% of the world mobile device market share!

And that’s not all! Not only can you create an app on your own, but your app will look like it was designed and developed by a professional. Indeed, these app makers allow you build beautiful apps, thanks to the templates and layouts they offer.

So what does it cost to build an app with an app maker?

Now that you know how app makers work, you obviously have understood that creating an app with such a tool is much, much faster, than developing it from scratch, even if you outsource an app development to professionals. As a matter of fact, you can build a basic mobile app in less than 10 minutes. And if your app should be more complex, don’t worry, it will never take more that a few hours for you to build it!

Let’s make the comparison: 12 weeks (at best) against a few hours! Why would you even consider hiring a freelance developer? Maybe these app makers are more expensive than hiring a developer? (I hear some of you say)… Not even close!

An app maker is much cheaper than an app developer’s service, that’s for sure. But I’ve got an even better news for you! While some of them are based on a subscription pricing model, there is one that is completely free to use as long as you want to create only one application. And I’m serious!

So we’ve gone from an app which costs several thousand dollars and takes several weeks to develop to an app, which can be developed in a few hours of work on your own and for free… Now you’ve got no excuse for missing such appealing mobile app development opportunity!

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