How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps

We live in a mobile world, especially now during the lockdown period. The average smartphone users spend nearly five hours or more every day on their devices and 92% of this time is spent interacting with apps. Whether it’s sharing information on social media or buying grocery, more activities are occurring through apps than ever before, and small businesses need to keep up with this trend.

Benefits of Small Business Apps

Many small business owners haven’t ever considered developing an app for their business either because they believe it’s too expensive or they think it’s only for big stores or those big chain restaurants. Neither of these beliefs is true. An app can boost sales of goods and services in nearly every industry as well as: 

  • Support customer communications;
  • Create a personalized client experience; 
  • Improve brand recognition;
  • Increase client loyalty;
  • Enhance marketplace visibility; and 
  • Differentiate your business from the competition.

Developing an app tailored to your business is easier than you think and cost effective. Whether you gain new clients, increase customer loyalty or step ahead of your competition, the return on investment (ROI) is significant.

Small businesses in nearly every industry can benefit from a company-specific app. In our previous sharing, we also talked about ways and how a mobile app can help your business to grow.

During this tough time of lockdown, many small businesses are struggling to sustain. Many of them do not know how they can connect with their client, or carrying out business, as usual, like before all this lockdown. Some of the business is lucky, as those who have already build their own mobile app or piggyback on some e-Commerce platform. But not every one of them is on those platforms, some of them still believe doing it the traditional ways.

Penguin Apps Builder’s goal is to provide an easy to use platform for all this small and micro business to have their own business app. So that all this business are not left behind in the mobile digital trend.

We strongly believe that a mobile app is the way of the future, not just during this lockdown moment. So how does small business can benefits from a mobile app?